Discover apisolis

The new tool to inspect differently and serenely your hives


The vaporizer Apisolis is the new tool that allows to inspect differently and serenely
your hives while respecting the bees.


Very practical, easy to use, autonomous, secure and better for health,
Apisolis helps beekeeping practice to evolve.

the concept

Beekeepers (amateurs or professionals) are often confronted with the restrictive use of the smoker. This practice is not very respectful for bees, the environment and beekeepers.

The use of the smoker triggers a bee conditioning reflex and severely stresses them. In addition, residues from a wide variety of fuels are harmful to the beekeeper’s health (respiratory tract) and are likely to be found in bee products.

Apisolis is the alternative solution allowing you to visit your hives more serenely while respecting the bees.

Hows Apisolis works


Apisolis produces a soothing vapor formulated with active ingredients contained in essential oils.
Not requiring combustion, Apisolis protects you from all inhalations of toxic combustion products and avoids all risk of burns.


The temperature of the Apisolis is automatically regulated. It generates a sooting and homogeneous vapor. Produced on request only.
The Apisolis does not pose a fire risk as nothing is burned.


It is easy to use : simply activate the Apisolis belows and adjust the quantity of vapor by exerting pressure. It turns off automatically when not in use for a while. The Apisolis helps increase productivity.

Respect for beekeepers and the environment

Apisolis works at the beekeeper’s request by simply operating the bellows. The Apisolis therefore allows you to avoid any inhalation of toxic combustion residues, burns and any outbreak of fire. Finally, the Apisolis saves you significant time by its ease of use and its simplicity of implementation.


Respect for bees

Bees have developed in synergy with plants for millions of years. It was wise to take advantage of this wonderful association to improve the relationship between beekeepers and bees.

The principle is simple, Apisolis sends a gentle vapor to the bees. This vapor is generated from the “NATIVE” formula of Apisolis. For the greatest respect for bees, it consists of a bio-sourced base and active ingredients derived from essential oils.

The compounds are ECOCERT and FDA labeled.

The « NATIVE » formula is the result of several years of research based on scientific protocols. The patent for the formula is filed.


Bellows activate the Apisolis and regulate the air pressure

Apisolis NATIVE formula for the refillable cartridge (patent filed)

Fast USB charging

Remove cartridge that is easy to refill : inspect up to 70 hives